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    The Bazemore Law Firm prepares documents needed to protect assets, surviving spouses, and minor or disabled dependents, to probate a Will, or to appoint agents to handle your financial and health related decisions if you ever become incapacitated. For Lubbock County and surrounding county residents, we can usually quote you a Flat Fee to produce and review your documents while arranging to meet in person for a formal signing ceremony.

    For non-Lubbock County residents throughout Texas, we will provide your document production and review and then deliver the final documents with detailed instructions on the necessary requirements to formalize them (e.g. notarization, witness requirements, state or county court filing requirements, etc.).


                                                                                    ELDER LAW

    Elder Law is an expanding boutique area that focuses on issues related to the elderly and disabled. Our firm primarily focuses on asset protection, positioning a client to qualify for nursing home Medicaid, Special Needs Trusts for disabled or incapacitated individuals, Guardianships, Expanded Financial Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, and much more.